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This is my first update to my site in a while, not much has changed. I would like to voice my opinion on the subject of lifetime parole supervision for sex offenders. This makes no since to me, sentencing a person for the rest of their lifetime to be under the thumb of the government, now I can understand someone who has a serious problem with doing stuff to children ( Notice that I said children, that means people older than 18 doing stuff to kids younger than 14, I believe anything between that is teenagers being teenagers), but in reality the people that the state of Kansas is doing this to are not those type of people, these guys made one mistake and these guys aren't pedophiles, not to say that there aren't any people on lifetime supervision who aren't pedophiles. So I say this to my state government, its time for you to have a reality check. You need to see who you are doing this to, quit throwing out a blanket to cover everyone and start treating cases individuals.

About Nates Fight

Well chances are that you heard about me and my site from the article that was published in the Topeka Capital Journal which you can find here: http://m.cjonline.com/news/2013-12-23/parolee-fighting-corrections-department-family-union?temp-new-window-replacement=true. This article along with running a KASPER search on me will tell you everything that you need to know about what I'm fighting and why I'm fighting it. And if that's not how you heard about me than go ahead and read up on the bogusness that I'm dealing with right now in my life.

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Our Mission

To educate the people of Kansas on sex crime laws and how they can affect our children and families in a negative way and what we can do to prevent another child from ending up in Nates situation.



Nates Wall of Shame 


This weeks person on Nates Wall of Shame is the government of the state of Kansas. Call anyone in the government and tell them about the horrible job they are doing and about the families and lives that they are destroying.



 Nates First Book Has Been Published!!!

 I'm very excited to announce that my very first book "Talking to Myself" went on sale as of 2/11/14. The book describes what I've been through as far as my charges, what life was like on the registry, how I got to where I'm at now and what I'm doing to fight back. Plus some other stuff you might find kinda cool! But my book is in raw form, which is the way that I intended it to be because I want me words on the page and not that of someone who edited my story.

You can purchase your copy of "Talking to Myself" by going to the link below.