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This page is dedicated to the stories of others who have either been charged with a sex case or their families. Some of the names of the people involved are subject to change to protect them and their families. The stories that are listed here does not mean that I believe that I either believe that there should be a registry or that there shouldn't be a registry. The stories that I list here are meant for informational purposes only.

 Sex Offender Story of Week

David Slane
David Slane

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By David Slane (
Law Firm)

In 2007, the
Oklahoma State Legislature approved a new law that required all sex offenders be classified under a three-tier system that placed offenders in a specific category depending on the nature of the sex crime.

However, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (DOC) went a step further and made the new registration law
retroactive to 1998. However, in June 2013, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the retroactive application of the rule was unconstitutional.

The court’s landmark ruling allowed more than 2,000 sex offenders to remove their names from the statewide registry because their registration requirements had either expired or would be prolonged by the 2007 law.

The law has left everyone scratching their heads about what’s next. The current registration system makes no sense and leaves plenty of room for debate about fairness and public safety.

It makes sense for the state Legislature to return to the drawing board and start over on this law.

Some people are on the registry because they urinated in a public street, and they’re not sex offenders. State officials need to stop wasting time and precious resources on those registrants. For the record, indecent exposure convictions and other low-level offenses require 15 years of registration.

Instead, devote the majority of resources to the high-risk offenders who need the most intensive supervision and strictest registration requirements the state can offer. The high-risk offenders should be required to check in daily, which would give the public a higher level of security.

Level 2 offenders, those who pose a moderate danger to the community, must register for 25 years. Meanwhile, Level 3 offenders, those who pose a serious danger to the community and are likely to engage in criminal sexual conduct, must register for their lifetime.

Part of the problem is that DOC officials, when implementing the system, tossed most of Oklahoma’s sex offenders into the Level 3 category. They didn’t want to take the heat to make an honest assessment of each case.

Changing the system will take a groundswell of public support. Still, reform of any kind might cause consternation for most state lawmakers who have never seen a sex offender law they didn’t like. It’s popular to be tough on crime, which includes drunks who urinate next to their car.

It’s time for Oklahoma legislators to stop thinking about re-election and polls and study what works and doesn’t work with the sex offender registration system.

One solution is to remove the registration assessment out of the hands of DOC only and rework the procedure to include trial judges, district attorneys and defense attorneys. That would provide a higher level of fairness while ensuring public safety. A broken system gives parents and the community a false sense of security while really protecting no one.

When most people think of a sex offender, they think of a baby raper or serial rapist. But the truth is most sex offenders are convicted of nothing even similar. We need to stop painting every sex offender with the same broad brush and look at individuals for what they did and act accordingly.

While high-risk sex offenders need to be closely supervised, it’s critical for others who have completed their sentence to be given a second chance at life


Personal Story of the Week

This was borrowed from the National RSOL Tales from the Registry. No Copyright infringement intended.

All families of sex offender PLEASE write the [your government officials]


As a wife of a sex offender ,I live day to day ,going on four years now ,wondering ,crying,praying ,and doing all i can to make a voice in the wilderness ,crying out .”Wheres the help ?” Wheres the 700,000,000 families of sex offenders voices to cry with me about how unconstitutional these laws are to not only the family member who is labeled a sex offender ,but also their families ?”
They need to all cry loud to these government officials , swarm their mailboxes with letters of how the families are being affected by all these SOR rules ,restrictions. “Do you have children ?”if you did you would do it for them as much as your loved one.
Think about the many children who are being punished for a bad mistake their father ,or mother made back then .They cant have their parents to be there when a play is going on at school .or a sports game , family reunions, just to go fishing ,or enjoy everyday life activities as normal families get the priviledge to do .Our son will never be able to have even a friend ,cause kids are not allowed to be around my husband ,since his label.
Our son will not be able to go on a date someday .cause of society label on my husband ,get married and have children , my husband will not be able to be a grandpa even .
We have to face our children when they are isolated, outcast,shunned ,bullied ,cause someone may found out our loved ones are on the registry .
God forbid I hope we wont see one of our children try to take his or her life ,from being depressed and cant handle the stigma .of what this registry does to people .”What about .vigilantism?” “Will we all have to face this someday ?” cause the public registry makes it so the whole whole world will know everything about you ,address to where someone works,lives ,what their lic tags numbers..
I want to tell all sex offender families to please speak up ,write our legislators,swarm their mail boxes , emails or regular mail .make petitions to get the registry private only, make petitions for us to be able to live freely ,long as we abide ,live in peace ,and not get in any trouble.
petitition for the restrictions of not being able to go no where is unconstitutional .
“Where can we go ?” redbox for a movie ?” that really helps our children stay active doesnt it?”
Our families are being torn apart from all this .The youth of today and tommorrow are being criminalized ,treated like t hey are in a communist country .with no rights to have daddy and mommy :( in their every day lives .for a past mistake they made .its not right:(
All people of this land should be able to go ,live and go where any one else can go and given a sec chance.
What about all the people in the government ,police dept. people who have done bad things and they arent put on no registry ….
or they get off in a short time free and clear from registry .?” W e should petition the governement ,to put all them on the registry and face all what we face in this society . being out casted, shunned , public shamed . freedom of rights taken away rest of their entire lives. ,:How would t hey like it .”?”If a murderer can get a second chance .”Why cant our husbands or wives get one?””So will all the sex offenders families stand up and make a voice for our familes ?””We need everyones voice ,not just one reform sex offender advocate .but thousands to fight this battle we are in .
“Lets all donate some money to this advocacy group that is doing their best to bring freedom to us ,as everything takes money for t heir travels ,meetings ,petitions,flyers, advocate supplies .
“Im very poor but by the grace of GOD he is sustaining me to work and help pay my husbands legal stuff he has to pay every month and his counceling every month ..So what little I do have Im going to donate fora good cause .and pray that things will change for us all for the better .
My one prayer is that all these restrictions they put on us over and over will end one day .,,and we can just be a normal family ,being able to be part of our sons life together ,to be able to see and share in our sons life as a family one day .
One other hope i have is me and husband can one day walk in a park holding hands and just enjoying a taste of freedom to live normal ..
If this registry is for life , we will never be able to do any of this :( People im pleading and begging you for all our families ,please let the governors know .and the senators know how you feel , its our voice that needs to be heard . the many children that are older can also write the governors and senators , telling them what they dea l with everyday and what they want done so we can be families again!”